Most of us know what Yoga and Pilates are, isn’t it?

Well, to make it even more fun, there is another disciplined called ‘Yogalates’

Yogalates is a combination between Pilates and Yoga, as the name suggests.

But what does this really means? Is it just half Pilates and half Yoga?

Yogalates is a method per se, that combines Pilates core strenghtening and stabilising techniques along with the Yoga breathing techniques and spirituality.

It means it brings body, mind and spirit together from 2 different angles, to create an unique practise.

I love teaching Yogalates because as I am a Yoga and Pilates teacher, I believe both techniques have beautiful foundations that can be brought together for a more fullfilling experience.

If you want to have a taste of how a Yogalates class is, you will find a sample full class by clicking on below video.

I am also hosting a weekly Yogalates Studio class in East London, E2. It feels so nice to go back to the studio. Check the schedule here to join me!

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