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Slow Food & Wine

Slow Food & Wine

The concept of Slow Food was started by Carlo Petrini in Italy in the 1980’s. The philosophy behind this concept, envisions a world where people can access and enjoy good, clean and fair food, for them, for those that grow the food, and for the planet. It goes beyond organic food as it also adds the table conviviality, the enjoyment and appreciation of the food in our plates.

I came to know this concept during my extensive trips in Italy and I just felt in love with it.

I thought I was not going to be able to have so many passions in a place, until I found many people have exactly the same – or similar – passions than me. Caring for our wellbeing is not only physically, but mentally, and food is part of that general wellbeing. We are what we eat, and I choose to eat a balanced, yummie, and conscious diet. And this does not have to be boring, it can have everything as long as it is balanced, this is why I am also adding my wine passion on this website. My dream is to build a place where Yoga, Pilates, Slow Food and Wine & Travel can harmonize, to create memorable experiences by the senses, all in a way that allows our bodies to be more energetic and healthier.

The closer we are to the roots, the more connected to the earth we are. It connects all principles learn in both Pilates and Yoga perfectly, creating the last limb for harmonisation: we are by just being, but we also define ourselves for what we eat, what we do and for what we think.

I am still giving shape to this section, however you can expect:

  • Organic food recipes
  • Wine recommendations
  • Yoga and/or Pilates classes events & Wine tastings ( do not worry, the tasting comes after the class)
  • Food forum
  • Food Blog
  • Food & Wine & Fitness retreats

and more!

Contact us if you want to be part of this exciting project!