Pre and Postnatal Pilates

The benefits of exercise during pregnancy and on the postnatal period for both mother and baby are well-established.

Benefits include but are not exclusive to:

  • Improve in cardiovascular health
  • Reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome, as well as reduced health sequelae related to these conditions
  • Enhanced positive mood
  • Decreased depression and anxiety.
  • In addition to these effects, exercise exerts its effects on a neuro-molecular level, enhancing and regulating key systems in the body, including the immune system.
  • In addition to its health benefits, exercise can be inexpensive and requires little investment in terms of time, money, or equipment.

Please note, certain restrictions are applicable when exercise is contraindicated, and you should always seek approval from a GP before exercising as a prenatal or postnatal woman.

Generally, pregnant women can exercise as long as they were keeping an active life before -but there are certain exercises that will be limited or contraindicated as long as the baby grows, this is why the advice of a professional will help- but if they want to start during their pregnancy this is also possible as long as there are no underline conditions- and do not have contraindications during pregnancy.

Even when there are underline conditions or contraindications, most of the times there is a certain type of exercise pregnant and post natal woman can do and this will be prescribed by your doctor and followed up by your fitness professional.

Postnatal women are advised to start gradually exercising after 6 weeks of childbirth, but again this will need to be approved by your doctor.

In Yogalat we offer Pre and Postnatal Pilates classes. We will require a GP letter and a PAR-Q assessment before conducting the classes to look after the mother and the baby.

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