Are you a Yoga lover? Have you been practising for many years or you just discovered Yoga when the pandemic hit us all? 

There are so many teacher training schools out there that it can be really confusing. And I know that because I have been there myself. Besides, the online training available at the moment made things a bit more confusing, but at the same time more accessible.

Information can be misleading, so my objective in this post is for you to have a picture of the schools and possibilities you have around there.

If you want to know my recommendations on YTT schools in the UK for onsite training, or online to train anywhere in the world, then this is the place for you. This is a mix and match from the best schools on my research online – anywhere – and onsite in London and some other cities in the UK.

As mentioned in my previous post, the best school will really depend on a few factors that you should consider.

  • Price that you want to invest on
  • Location: how far is it from home?
  • Duration: can I commit for so long?
  • Quality of the training
  • Length of course

You know, expensive does not mean good quality. However, there are some schools with a great reputation and a great learning experience and content, where price is really worth it. In this post I will recommend a mix of everything for you to have options!

Before I start, you might want to consider your school to be Yoga Alliance certified.

Yoga Alliance is the international governing body for yoga, and it has set the standard for what a properly constructed teacher training program must contain. Now, that does not mean that all teacher trainings that are YA registered are good, nor that means that those courses not registered are not good. But also being registered with Yoga Alliance makes it easier to be covered by your insurance.

Yoga Alliance courses require at least 200HR learning hours, but then you can ‘upgrade’ you to a 500hour YTT, by doing the extra 300hours, that you are usually able to do in another school if you want.

Yoga Alliance would not approve online courses to be certified – even if the course content was the same as in person – as there was a certain amount of hours that needed to be attended in person. However, with COVID-19, YA approved certain schools to teach online until a certain date which is still not defined and may change with the course of the pandemic. I would suggest that if you choose an online school, that you check with them whether your accreditation will be YA certified.

Just to be clear, below are my recommendations after hours and hours of research, attending classes, seeing content prospects, gathering feedback from many teachers, etc. There are for sure other great courses out there, hence this list is not exhaustive. 


The most comprehensive – Onsite

Triyoga is one of the schools with the most reputation in London and the UK. 

They have a strict student selection as there is a lot of demand in the course. The course is expensive but it is worth it as it is really comprehensive.

Triyoga is not only a teacher training school but also a wellness place where you can find many weekly classes, and other classes such as Pilates, barre, etc and treatments.

Types of training

Previous to the pandemic they used to offer a 350-hour foundation YTT. 

At the moment they are only offering on site 200 hours spread over weekends, 300hr advanced teacher training, and specialist teacher training such as Hot Yoga, Restorative, etc – but you need to have at least a 200RYT certificate for the latter ones.

It is important to keep up to date with the school changes in these unprecedented times.

Pre requisites

You will need to conduct an assessment to be eligible and have at least 2 years as a Yoga practitioner.


200HR YTT are around GBP 4000


Weekends over 18-months. You will also need to attend additional workshop hours, observing classes and first aid training hours


They have different teachers running different trainings and locations may vary as Triyoga has 5 branches in all London


Comprehensive Training including different styles. Some courses are specific for Vinyasa.

Sivananda Yoga

The most spiritual – Onsite and Online

What a place! Created in 1969 by Swami Vishnudevananda, the first Hatha Yoga Master in the West. It is part of a global organisation that brought authentic yoga to the west 60 years ago.

This is not only a teacher training school but mainly a centre with a holistic approach to Yoga. Classes, chanting workshops, vegetarian workshops, retreats, and so many more spiritual experiences can happen in Sivananda. A true gem. 

What teacher training they offer

A 200-hour course styled after the ancient Gurukula system in which students live, study, and work with their teachers and fellow students in an intimate setting.

A normal day will typically run from 5:30am to 10:30pm, a demanding but rewarding experience, like feeling in India while being in London

Advanced Yoga teacher training, teacher training in India and in Europe, and further training for Yoga teachers are also offered.

Due to COVID-19 online training available 

Pre requisites

No prerequisites apart from knowledge of asana postures 


On-site with shared accommodation and meals around GBP 2,600

Online around GBP 1350


Intensive during 4-weeks live-in


Putney, or online anywhere in the world


Classical Hatha, very spiritual, applying the ‘Gurukula system’. It is one of the few schools that embody traditional and authentic yogic disciplines.

*Living with the guru ancient Indian tradition

Yoga London

Most flexible in duration and settlement

Types of training, attendance and duration

Yoga London is a popular school in the city. They are convenient as they offer different types of payment methods, locations, and duration. You can spread the course over a year, 1 weekend per month, or do it as quickly as in one month on a full time basis. 

Their 200 RYT is based on Vinyasa style. Among other courses, they also offer 500 RYT programs, CPD training, pregnancy courses and a foundation course that you can do before joining the 200-hour course to learn some basic Yoga concepts.

They offer a free class to try them and a meeting to answer any questions, which I attended and it was super useful to understand how the course would be delivered and the style they have.

They also offer the possibility for the student to start teaching in the middle of the 1-year course to gain some experience as they offer Yoga-student insurance.

Pre requisites

They require 1-2 years of yoga class attendance, however they are quite flexible if you don’t reach that length of time


The course is GBP 3796 but they have great options to pay for the course if you are not able to afford the full amount in one go.

Course starts at 233gbp per month over 12months, or you also have options to pay in 4 and 6 installments. 

Paying in advance offers a small discount – GBP 3646 – and other benefits like a free future course and workshop.


You can spread the course over a year, 1 weekend per month, or do it as quickly as in one month on a full time basis. 


Depending on the length of the course you choose, there are different locations, these are usually in venues in South London in Oval, Bermondsey, London Bridge and Canada Water.

Yoga London does not offer online 200RYT training at the moment.



The house of Yoga

The coolest – onsite and online

What teacher training they offer

House of Yoga is a great cool school in South West London, directed by young talented professionals. They offer online and onsite 200YT certified by Yoga Alliance – it is important to check with them whether the course held online will still be certified by Yoga Alliance when you decide to enrol. 

Pre requisites

There is a questionnaire to fill, including practise experience, and spaces are a bit limited usually.


The onsite course at the moment is GBP 2900, but there is an early offer to GBP 2700, they usually hold 2 courses per year

The online course is GBP 2200 but they usually offer an early bird offer as well


Online training: 3.5 months, it is a mix of full day weekends and weekdays from 6pm to adjust for those that have a full time job.

The onsite training is spread over weekends for 6 months




Power Vinyasa 

Yoga Haven

Great reputation – onsite

One of the first schools to provide RYT in the UK. Great reputation. 

Type of training

They only offer 200-hour RYT but not only in London but also in other parts in the UK like Brighton and Birmingham and usually 2 intensive trainings abroad.


Brighton, Birmingham, London (Peckham), Morocco and Greece


It depends on the location

Brighton and Birmingham – £2850

London – £3000

Intensives with one week in Greece and/or Morocco – £3250 (with accommodation and meals included except flights)

Payment is usually one non refundable fee at the sign up and then the rest closer to the course dates, ability to spread the cost in installments. 

Pre requisites

Nothing in particular but regular Yoga attendance is encouraged


Speak usually over 6 or 7 weekends, some Fridays included. Those with the intensive week in Morocco have 5 other weekends in London to attend.


Gives the foundations to teach Hatha, Power and Flow

Drishti Beats

The best online platform and the one that flows with music – online

This school is US based but I am adding them here due to their great online training platform. I personally did the 200 RYS training with them during the pandemic and it was just great. Support is constant and everything managed online.

The had built the online training right before the pandemic which means they took their time to do a great online platform. Everything is online and you can do it from anywhere in the world and certificate is valid everywhere and you can register with Yoga Alliance (please ensure you check with Yoga Alliance and with your training provider for when they are yet allowing online trainings to be registered on the entity)

Type of training

They offer RYS® 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training (online) and RYS® 200/300 Yoga Teacher Trainings (on-site but in the US, and at the moment the onsite trainings are suspected due to COVID-19)


The online training is approx USD 1000, which is a great price! 

Pre requisites

nothing in particular but regular Yoga attendance is encouraged


 It is built in blocks that you can do at your own pace, if working full time it will probably take you between 3-6 months to complete the course, otherwise you can do it faster. You have some online calls to attend per week but these are flexible and in different times zones so everyone can join.


Vinyasa flow style, Power Yoga. The founders are also musicians so they put a great emphasis in linking the flow with music. It is not compulsory to add music on the videos to graduate but it is a nice addition to have and a great learning to learn to move with flow and music.

Sun Power Yoga

The eclectic training mixing 4 traditional Yoga Styles. – Online (with compulsory onsite hours) and Onsite

They practice Vinyasa Krama, The Sequencing Of Asana/Postures in an unique blend, it is a really comprehensive training

Type of training

They delivery 200RYT, 300RYT, and other courses as Aqua Yoga and Yoga for kids course


The onsite training is delivered in different parts of the UK, usually in London (Holloway), Leicester and Manchester. 

There is also a 2 week intense training out of the UK, and location changes but last time it was in Morocco.


Depending on the location. In London it is spread over the weekends usually only on Sundays for 9 months and there are some contact hours to conduct on other days but these hours are not more than 10/20. In Leicester and Manchester it is also on Sundays but the course is spread over 3 months, hence on consecutive Sundays.

The online trainings are delivered over 12 sundays all day, it is a live course, and there is an upcoming course starting in January 2021

Pre requisites

You Need To Have Been Practising Yoga For At Least 2 Years, a good, grounded practice. But it is always possible to discuss with the school if 2 years have not been achieved yet


Sun Power Yoga Is An Eclectic Mix Of 4 Traditional Styles Of Yoga:

  •  Hatha Yoga For Theory, Philosophy And Classical Asana
  •   Iyengar Yoga For Alignment And Posturing
  •  Sivananda Yoga For Subtle Mind And Breath Work
  •  Astanga Yoga For Heat, Flexibility And Stamina

Inspira Yoga

The Ashtanga practise with a final week in Spain

Inspira Yoga is a Registered Yoga Alliance School for 200 and 500 hour Teacher Training Courses. Mainly Ashtanga. They provide training in the UK and in Spain. What is magic about this training is the experience in Spain in a beautiful villa surrounded by vegetation, great food – and a pool included! Also the price is not as high as other schools considering they include the Spain accommodation.

Type of training

At the moment they offer 200hr teacher trainings and they also hold retreats in Spain


London and Andalusia


1-year training: GBP 2995 with an early bird offer of 10% off if booking ahead. For the final week in Spain, transport, accommodation and all meals are included. Flight is excluded.

3 week intensive training in Spain: price depends on the room selected ranging between GBP 2695 and GBP 2950. Breakfast, transport, accommodation and training is included. Only flights need to be booked apart. Also meals apart from breakfast will be self catered and you will be able to go to the supermarket to fulfill your needs.


1-year training: 6 spread weekends every 2 months and final week in Spain (usually in summer, June). Definitely a great blend for those that want to have an experience abroad with Yoga but are not able to take 3 or 4 weeks off.

3-week intensive training: usually in September/October. Every day for 3 weeks in Andalusia at the Cortijo Caseria Del Mercado 

Pre requisites

Ideally 2 years of practising yoga, no need to be Ashtanga, but application is not as strict as other schools



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